Avaya IP Office 406V1 Control Unit 700210776 700350390

Avaya IP Office 406V1 Control Unit 700210776, 700350390 $79.00

The Avaya IP406 v1 supports only IP Office Software 3.2 and prior. The Avaya IP406 V1 systems comes with the following: 

IP406 V1 :
• 8 LAN Ports - Ports are half-duplex. Port 8 can be switched from MDIX standard LAN to MDI crossover operation using the UPLINK button on the control unit. Used for PC and server connectivity as well as for connecting the IP400 WAN3 and IP telephones.
• 2 Internal Trunk Module Slots - Compatible with PRI 24 T1, Quad BRI, and Analog Trunk Module (ATM4) • 1 VCM Expansion Slot - Compatible with VCM 5/10/20 and VCM 4/8/16. Maximum voice compression channels capacity of 20 channels.
• 6 Expansion Ports

Compatible with Digital Station 16/30, Phone 8/16/30,So8, WAN3, and Analog Trunk 16
• Additional Ports - Music on-hold, DTE port, external relay switch for door entry controls, integral WAN port
• Maximum Extensions - 180 of various types in combination. Analog only: 180. DS Only: 180. IP Only: 180.
• Maximum Software Release - Can be upgraded to a maximium IP Office Release of 3.2

Compatible with up 2 PRI/T1 cards with each one providing up to 23 lines/phone numbers!

For more information or to find out about these features, see the below documents:

IP Office R3 Feature Matrix
IP Office 3.2 Phone Manager Installation
IP Office 3.2 Installation Manual 
IP Office 3.2 Product Description 
IP Office 3.2 Voicemail Pro Install Guide 
IP Office 3.2 Mailbox Users Guide 

The IP Office has replaced the Avaya Partner ACS system.

Some of the highlights are below:

Avaya IP Office IP 403, 406 or 412

The Avaya IP Office Phone System Supports up to 3, 6 or 12 Expansion Modules providing a combination of up to 360 analog, digital or IP extensions.  For lines you can have up to 8 analog traditional lines on the processor and up to 16 more on an IP400 Analog Trunk 16 module(s) and up to two T1 cards providing up to 46 voice T1 channels. Features include up to 30 optional voice compression channels for up to 30 simultaneous VoIP phone conversations that can connect multiple locations with one phone system that connect up to 500 users over 16 locations!



For manuals, datasheets, brochures, inventory instructions, Feature Matrix’s, technician requests etc. please go to www.VayaIPOffice500.com or contact the Telephone Man of America at 1-863-614-1900 or email telephoneman@telephonemanofamerica.com 


Programming and Support:

If you are unable to resolve any programming issues by yourself let me know and I can have my technician either call you for support at $120.00 per 60 minutes with a 60 minute minimum or have my local technician come out (Anywhere in the Country) at $145/hr with a $75 visit trip.  If wiring is needed in a standard office environment with drywalls and drop ceilings and within 120’ of the processor they are $95 each – individual wire runs are needed from the phone system processor to each individual phone for a phone system.

For New System Installs - Install estimates are based off of 30 minutes per phone and if a system voice mail solution is involved 45 minutes per extension not to exceed 3 hours over that estimate.  Trouble shooting is not included in the estimate and if applicable is billed separately.

Do you have an old non-working processor? Did your processor just get fried in a power surge or a power outage? We will buy it for up to $20.00 and pay for the shipping! Call us at 863-614-1900

Avaya IP Office 406V1 Control Unit 700210776 700350390
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